Real Beauty: UNcovered

Real Beauty: Uncovered is a movement that promotes the understanding that beauty comes from within a woman. Dani Allen, the creator and photographer, focuses on capturing life and exploring the beauty of what is 'real'. In a world where the touched-up and altered images of women in the media has stirred much discussion, she photographs women barefaced, real and honest.

Real Beauty: Uncovered challenges those who have already volunteered and the women who still need to take a look deeper within, to accept themselves for who they really are.

Co-created with both Madeline Thompson LPC and Dr. Esmilda Abreu-Hornbostel , two women have contributed an immense amount of knowledge through their career and personal experiences. Madeline Thompson a well-renowned counselor who inspires others in her own language. She shows ways to grow yourself from within by honoring the stages and ages that make up life. Her philosophy states: "Life is a school that reveals us, so we may know and grow ourselves as authentically as possible." Dr. Esmilda Abreu-Hornbostel is a Women's & Gender Studies Scholar Activist. She is known for her efforts in research by involving herself in spiritual, cultural, and religious groups via mentorship, leadership, and organizational culture.

The reason why Real Beauty: Uncovered was started is a very simple one; it is to empower ourselves to accept our 'real beauty' from within and to trust your own journey!