Our team


Dani Allen is the photographer and creator behind Real Beauty: Uncovered, she focuses on capturing life and exploring the beauty of what is 'real'. In a world where the touched-up and altered images of women in the media have stirred much discussion, she photographs people barefaced, real and honest.  She has been awarded the Atlantic Heath Healing Arts Artist of the Month 2016; is a Certified Hypnosis Coach as well as a Life Coach. Her Real Beauty: Uncovered Photographs have empowered hundreds and have made a life-changing impact on all those who have been part of the experience.  Dani also is the co-host voice for the Just Be You RBU Radio live every Monday on WPIR.


Dr. Esmilda Abreu-Hornbostel, a co-creator is a Women’s & Gender Studies Scholar Activist and has her certificate in Anti-Bulling . She is known for her efforts in research by involving herself in spiritual, cultural, and religious groups via mentorship, leadership, and organizational culture.


Madeline Thompson MA, LCADC, LPC, a co-creator  is a well-renowned counselor who inspires others in her own language. She shows ways to grow yourself from within by honoring the stages and ages that make up life. Her philosophy states: "Life is a school that reveals us, so we may know and grow ourselves as authentically as possible." Madeline has helped nurture families for 20+ years and has a strong commitment to helping relationships foster the best in each other.  Madeline has been invited to speak all around the tri-state area and facilitates woman's circles to inspire compassion and authentic communication.  She is also the co-host voice for the Just Be You RBU Radio live every Monday on WPIR.  Madeline has a certification in Kundalini Yoga and has been practicing for 20 years as well as a Certified Hypnosis Therapist.