The Breakfast Club

Recently I went to interview students from High School.  I have been interviewing HS students for about 3 years now for RBU; getting them to see themselves, accept themselves and love themselves completely.  And every time I leave I have the Breakfast Club theme song running through my mind.  Even though technology has evolved, songs have changed, beats have been rearranged there will always be an 80's movie in the hallways. 

One of the students said it perfectly when she said.  There will always be the popular kids, and the not so popular kids, the kids that are looked at as weird and the ones that are the troublemakers.  Hmmmm doesn't that sound familiar?  


If on the very surface it's the same as it was why then are tween and teens, according to a new study, more depressed?  

I think one of the students said it perfectly.  We have all this technology right at our fingertips.  We can access anything in the world but yet we don't know how to access someone who is sitting right next to us.  We don't know how to have one on one human interaction.  

Just a small thought and a start to a conversation. 



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