Just Be You

Welcome to the very first blog!  I am excited to show you all the new things that we are going to be doing this upcoming year. 

Real Beauty: Uncovered has been busy gearing up to make the changes that we feel is right for the road of change we have ahead of us.  When I first started this project, it was to create such a ripple effect that it forced social media to take a hard look at what the definition of beauty was.  I wanted them to take responsibility for the rise in mental health and eating disorders that they have attributed to in the last couple years.  But now I realize that the change has to start in steps. In our own lives and in our own way.  After all the interviews I have done in the past 4 years one thing rings true.  We are all starving for change and we are all hearing that being authentic and finding ourselves is the way to create that change.  We've heard it from celebrities who have taken off their make-up, we have heard it from Oprah who says to just be yourself.  Mindfulness has become in fashion because we all realize that we can't keep on destroying ourselves and expect to feel happy. And isn't happiness and love the ultimate things that we are seeking?

I want to create change with you and that is why this project is so important.  We can create change we just have to do it as a group and not as individuals. 




Dani McDonald