Keeping Your Heart Open Through it All

See when it got hard it would have been so much easier to just shut off the light. Shut off that part that hurt so much. 
Shut it off forever because that way I could almost guarantee that I wouldn't ever hurt again. 
But then I realized that turning off that light would hurt as much if not even more. 
Sure it's harder to keep your heart open. Sure I could go through the same hurt or worse it could hurt even more. 
But what if it didn't. 
What if I decided to keep my heart open through it all. 
What if I could see the beauty of it with my heart open wide waiting to feel love again. 
For me that hope is way stronger than my fear.

So how do you keep your heart open?

There were a couple of things that I tried. But the most important and impactful one was the knowledge that love never left me. Okay I know what your thinking, what am I talking about. Of course I had been dummped before, I think. And I have been the dummie. But it was the mere thought that every time this happened I was choosing to love myself more. It wasn’t this dramatic moment where I lost the most important thing of my life. It was always that I was moving on and the other person was moving on to things that made them better.

I also used my imagination a-lot you guys. I would imagine the one person who understood me completely without any explanation. I imagined that he would challenge me exactly how I needed to be challenged. I imagined that love was all around. As cheesy as that sounds and such an 80’s movie cliche, using my imagination made me examine love and expect more. I used my imagination as a guide to what I needed in a partner and thus without even realizing it it forced me to keep my heart open.



Dani McDonaldComment