The Importance Of Supporting Each-other!

Okay guys, I know that this seems like a no brainer, but let me explain as I have learned how to heal this story of true support.

I have always supported other women. Been really excited for their growth both in their relationships and business. But the problem was that I never felt supported.

This year has completely uprooted that feeling.

I heard of this Mentor Masterclass Holiday Challenge through another friend who was going to join in.

The conversation went like this.

Friend: “There is this really great challenge with amazing celebrity life coaches and it free.”

Me: “It’s free? Really? And what are celebrity life coaches? Do you have to share your thoughts with other women.”

Internal Me: “ There is no way that I am sharing with strangers. Hells no I am not falling for that shit again. Women supporting each other, being happy for one another. pfffff I have to see this for myself.”

A year later and I am so grateful that my internal self pushed me to take on the challenge even if it was for the completely wrong reason. It knew exactly what I needed to motivate me to see sisterhood in a whole new light and shed that belief that I was here to do things alone.

Which brings me to the part of why it’s important to support one another.

When you take your support out of your ego and into the selfless act of sharing, commenting, loving, celebrating someone else’s work just because you believe in it so much. Is the most powerful thing you could possibly to.

You share because you are genuinely loving the program, person or place for who she/he is. Nothing more. Just sharing in your most authentic knowing how much it has changed you completely.

I believe in the importance of supporting each other and supporting those things that create empowering feelings.

I believe it so much that I am sharing with you a program that helped me dive deep into sisterhood, taught me how to support and be supported and got some awesome life coaching techniques along the way.

I think this program is for everyone!

But if you are called to empower others and to help them heal I suggest that you take on this Mentor Masterclass Holiday Challenge that is starting on Nov 6, 2018 and runs till Nov 29th.


Jeannine Yoder, the creator of Mentor Masterclass invites you to sign up for her Mentor Masterclass Holiday Challenge so you can…

  • Learn the process I discovered is the key to thriving as a life coach.

  • Celebrate the holidays with ease, balance & joy.

  • Get the antidote to your holiday hustle to-do list.

  • Lean in and receive support of community and sisterhood.

  • Start the New Year with new rituals, intention, & soulful purpose.

She has partnered with over 20 leading mentors, feminine thought leaders, and coaches. They are here to nurture a sense of ease and flow while they encourage you to practice the same skills they use every day.

For the past four years women have transformed their lives participating in this annual ritual. And she’s so excited to invite you to this beautiful experience.

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