Getting to know your girls

Is designed to be hosted at the comfort of your own home.  Invite the girls and share the RBU EXPERIENCE with each other. I promise that this expierence will get everyone talking for years to come! 


 “Getting to Know Your Girls” is an exciting way to host a significant get-together for women and girls that is transformative and fun. In this 2 hour session, you will party for a purpose--connecting with each other, exploring ideas of beauty, and practice self-expression and self-acceptance through guided conversation and art projects. Party includes: RBU video link, RBU photographer/interviewer, and commemoration photo. 


Complete Party Package: RBU bracelet, Group Shot (Party includes 8 girls--additional charge for additional guest, 1 hour and 30 minutes) = $449

Deluxe Party Package: RBU T-shirts, Journal per person, Individual Photos (Party includes 8 girls--additional charge for additional guest, 2 hours) = $649



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