“I learned about makeup while playing dress-up with my sister. She was much older then me and I was her rocker Joan Jett doll, so make-up was introduced to me very young.  I remember growing up and getting a tinker bell make-up kit with all the glittery powder and blush and, for the first time, I felt so grown up!

It was years later–when I was about ten–while watching an old movie that make-up really became a forefront in my life. I saw beautiful women on the screen with these white, curly wigs and big gowns from the 1700’s getting ready for a ball. I noticed that they would always pinch their cheeks before presenting themselves in public. Why on earth would anyone ever do that? But then the older lady in the movie explained, “Pinch your cheeks and you will be more attractive to the boys.”  And thus the journey with make-up began.  My first venture was taking my mom’s blush to school without her knowing and applying it in the girls’ bathroom before class started. I was always scared that someone would catch me, or worse, think I was joining the circus.

Now in my early 30’s, I see make-up as an enhancement to the beauty that you already possess.  Beauty is the way that you treat people, it’s the compassion that you have towards others, and therefore, it is a combination of your character and your outer beauty.”

“Beauty is only skin deep. You can be the most physically attractive individual, but if you have an ugly personality, then it doesn’t matter. Being a good person with a kind heart will exude itself and that “real beauty” will show on the outside, too!”

Dani McDonald