Kadie D.

What can I say about Kadie? One of the most fascinating women that I have known.  When I first met Kadie I was immediately drawn to her like a magnet.  I felt her presence and heard her story.  As I was listening I heard so many similarities and we had an immediate spark. Kadie's story stuck with me to this day.  And if you ever happen to meet her you will immediately understand the amazing light that shines. 

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Lessons:  I have learned so much from Kadie.  Such a strong, amazingly beautiful woman with so much life to give and such a tremendous heart.  I remember inhaling her story as if it was a summer breeze.  Listening to them as she took me on her journey from childhood to young adult in the 70's to her loves.  Kadie's message was so clear to me.  It's not how old you are and what society redeems you should do as you get older.  It's the life you have inside that counts.  It's the stories that unravel every year.  "I don't want to tell people stories of what my life was like, I want to continue making stories and enjoying them with everyone."  

I can't imagine what my life would be like without sharing laughter with Kadie. 

Kadie is an artist, a soul healer, an actovist, and an influencer in Morristown, NJ through the arts.  Believing that art is the healing piece that we all need in our lives. 


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